Meeda Khalifa

AFPS Feature: “The Deep Blue”

Meeda Khalifa is 31 years old (at the time of this article release) & born in Egypt.  After living in Egypt till the age of 22, he is now a German national & has lived in Germany since 2008.  Meeda is currently a full-time Aerospace Engineer in Hamburg.  But his  passion for diving kept him going through diving certifications until he reached the PADI Divemaster level in 2009.

Meeda’s plan for the future is simple, keep diving and keep shooting.  He also hopes to keep being able to show the analog photography universe the wonders of the alien underwater world.

All the photos were shot using a Nikonos V camera with a single SB-105 strobe.  For color shots mostly Kodak Portra 160 and 400 with a few exceptions of Kodak Ultramax. Black and white shots are with Ilford HP5 400 and Ilford PF4 160.