Mark Forbes

AFPS Feature: “Take Two”

As a child, moving around the world several times and never staying in one place for more than a few years, gave Mark an understanding of different environments and their cultures.

Mark’s approach comes from an underlying fascination with people and their interaction with the environment. He has an uncanny knack of capturing the layers of beauty that exist everywhere around us. “I am an avid people watcher. When I’m out in the street, or even just day to day, I’m constantly seeing beautiful and interesting images and stories in my head.”

 Recently visiting Fukushima to shoot a photo essay (, Mark interviewed locals that had been displaced from their houses by the events of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear disaster. “The opportunity to speak with the locals, to hear them recount the events of the day and the following years since was something I will never forget. Everyone has a right to have their stories told.”

 Transitioning to digital for client work, he had rediscovered the joy of shooting all of his personal projects on 35mm & medium format film. He has shot for many brands including Mercedes Benz and Samsung.