About AFPS

Dear Film Photographers,

Let me just say a few words…..

Australian Film Photographers Scene (or AFPS) is centered around the narrated story telling ability to accompany  the aesthetically pleasing imagery captured on the traditional photographic medium called “Film & other alternative analog processes”.

Anglesea C645 400NHP-2
Long Summers ~ by John Yau

The objective of this web page is to feature and showcase the many amazing film shooters from around the world.  Some of these names you may already be following & some will be fresh new names you are only discovering.

This blog is about “YOU!” the Film & Analog community.   I believe every photographer has something to share both past and present.  This is where we ask for you can get involved.

It’s about being involved ~ Farley [ Morgan ] Webb

Film shooters aren’t a dying breed but one that is attracting more and more of the older generation back along with the new generations of gizmo wizz-kids  to try the technology of yesteryear and focus on “the story telling.”

What used to be the norm is now a niche & what used to be readily available is becoming more and more specialised.

Just remember this medium of Film photography was once known as photography in our great grandparents or even our GREAT GREAT grandparents era!

Agri Bamadhaj ~ out in the field

This was the norm back in the day, and for some of us here it is still the norm.  It isn’t the lack of trying to be more advanced with the digital photography world, this is really an emotional decision because only the Film Photographers would understand.

We want to build this community blog & personally I would like to encourage everyone else to build a legacy that is worth looking back on for years to come and reflect on these great stories.    Social media platforms will come and fade out, reality is the life span of an image posted on any social media platform really has a 30 seconds of breath before it becomes yesterdays news.

The Instant Camera Guy ~ Jake [ Threepwood ] Bright

The Ask

Here is the ask for the Film & Analog community, we want to share your project, one that provides a story that will engage an audience, and of course the images captured through the medium of film or other Analog processes.

This doesn’t just limit Australian Film Photographers but is open to all International photographers because inspiration has no boundaries.

To help those who are gathering your thoughts on “The types of contributions” we are seeking are:

  • Travel Documentary
  • Landscape & Seascapes
  • Projects that help exploration of a subject
  • Photojournalist editorials (Topical news both international & abroad)
  • The Human stories that needs to be told and shared
  • Film photographer interviews

Black & White, Colour, Slide, Polaroid/Instax or Wet Plate Collodion…. we will leave that up to you.

For all submissions please send me an email to info@artifexfoto.com and I will endeavour to respond as soon as I possibly can.

This is a self funded project with no crowd sourcing so the ask is pretty simple, just get involved to the best of your ability & inspire another human being who loves a good story & has a passion for film photography & the other analog options available to us.

All the best Film Shooters & we look forward to seeing your journey and your continued readership & contribution.

Warm Regards

John Yau

Australian Film Photographers Scene [ AFPS ]