Nanette Reid

AFPS Feature: “The Haunting Silence”

As a leading architectural photographer, I have worked in the photographic industry for over 20 years, throughout the UK, EU, USA, Asia and Australasia, specialising in contemporary architectural, interior and commercial images for the hospitality and architectural industries.

To keep myself inspired and creative, I often undertake personal projects. By setting myself the goal of telling a story through images, photo essays are an enjoyable way to shoot the world around me, without limitations of time or subject material.

These projects are approached slightly differently to the majority of my commercial assignments; namely they are shot “on the fly” meaning that other than deciding on the place/area/topic to be photographed, the rest of the assignment is shot as it happens.
Whilst the topics chosen may at times be difficult to comprehend, the final images are chosen to illustrate the subject matter in the way I perceived it and encourage the viewer to investigate further.