Welcome “One & All” to AFPS online Journal

The purpose of AFPS is pure and simple, to share & collaborate with some of the best Film Photographers within the Australian & International Scene to Inspire others to think about the context and story telling.

Those who share a passion, those who are driven to create bodies of work that inspire us, those who move to think beyond what we would visually interpret through our minds eye.

My name is John Yau and I am a Film Photographer based in Geelong Australia and thank you for joining us.  The team at AFPS team is a collective of Film shooters across Australia as we start to work through content ideation with the rest if the community.

Be sure to check out the “About” page to the purpose of this blog and also get your creative juices flowing in how YOU can contribute.

We hope you enjoy this blog as we start to feature some of the known and some of the hidden Film photographers across the globe.

Until then, happy story telling!!