FARM LIFE” by Chloe Adler

I grew up and am currently working on my parent’s sheep and cropping farm.  My love for the land runs deep in me.  My photography journey started when I was about 15. I picked up a digital camera, taught myself to use it and fell in love with the art. Naturally one of my favourite things to photograph is farm life.

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A productive shed (Image by Chloe Adler)
The Action (Image by Chloe Adler)
100812EMad050312-R1-022 copy
Skirting the wool (Image by Chloe Adler)
Patience (Image by Chloe Adler)
100812EMad050312-R1-018 copy
Bales of wool being loaded (Image by Chloe Adler)
Old Riff keeping watch (Image by Chloe Adler)

I have always been drawn to film images, so last year I decided to take the leap, I brought my first film camera (my beloved canon eos3) and dived into the film world.

100812EMad050312-R1-019 copy
The 70 year old shearing shed built by my Great Grandfather in 1948 (Image by Chloe Adler)
Farm Life (Image by Chloe Adler)
100812EMad050312-R1-013 copy
Waiting to be shorn (image by Chloe Adler)
Waiting in anticipation (Image by Chloe Adler)

I shot my first roll of black and white film at shearing time and when I got the scans back they were pure magic!  It was then that I knew I had to document farm life on film and not digital.

Right: The old press (Image by Chloe Adler)
The next generation keeps on the watch (Image by Chloe Adler)
96636EMadl031908-R1-014 copy
Hirding the sheep towards the Shed (Image by Chloe Adler)
The workers (Image by Chloe Adler)
(Image by Chloe Adler)

All these photograph have been captured on my canon eos3 with either a 50mm f1.4 or 35 f2 lens, on tri-x400

About Chloe Adler


I am a 20 year old photographer.  I grew up on my parents farm, which is just out of a small town called West Wyalong in rural NSW Australia.  I fell in love with film photography a year ago and I’m now incorporating it more and more into my work, I hope to one day photograph solely with film.


I sell a few of my favourite photos as prints.