The Showcase “Multiple Exposure” a collective feature by John Yau

Our third showcase is predominantly a colour spectacle of multi exposures.  This theme has proven to be popular amongst film shooters often with intent and other times purely expressions of experimentation.

Thanks again to those who have submitted their requests and we look forward to our final showcase under this theme in the coming weeks.

If you are new to the be sure to read up on Mark Forbe’s feature article “Take Two” and also check out the previous Multi exposure showcase 1 and Multi exposure showcase 2.

Anna Theris

Image by Anna Theris
Image by Anna Theris
Image by Anna Theris

Anna is fairly new to the scene of film photography, having picked up a film camera for the first time in September 2017. Since then, she’s thrilled to experiment with double exposures whenever she gets a chance; she enjoys the transformative yet familiar quality of double exposure, combining different textures of mundane spaces to create entirely new visions of urban scenes.


William Tran

Image by William Tran

My name is Will Tran and I’m a hobbyist photographer. I’ve been dabbling with cameras ever since receiving a Polaroid i-Zone at the age of 8. To me, my photography is for myself. It is to document a moment in my life and to capture a time, emotion or place worth remembering and reliving.


Véra Ada

Véra Ada - 2
Image by Véra Ada
Véra Ada - 1
Image by Véra Ada
Véra Ada - 3
Image by Véra Ada

Véra Ada is a South Australian photographer and a linguistics graduate, currently teaching English in Germany. After picking up her mother’s 35mm film camera in 2007, she has spent the last 11 years experimenting with various formats and alternative processes, printing in the darkroom, exhibiting her work in group & solo shows, and making cyanotype zines with her husband. Véra’s photography is split between ceaselessly documenting her surroundings, shooting portraits of friends, and playing around with multiple exposures. Not having complete control over the final image is one of the many qualities that keep her coming back to this technique. When creating double exposures, Véra is fixated with controlled randomness and the unrepeatability it can produce. Other than using the multiple exposure lever, she often shoots a whole roll of film twice, and for the past few years she has incorporated redscaling by re-rolling films so as to double expose by shooting through both sides of the emulsion.

You can view her work via the following links:


Adam-Carl D’Andrea

Image by Adam-Carl D’Andrea
Image by Adam-Carl D’Andrea
Image by Adam-Carl D’Andrea

Adam is an environmental scientist by day and film photographer at night focusing on double exposures, long exposures and bright colours. Based in Hobart, he also enjoys shooting colour infrared, gigs and documenting Hobart’s many ghost signs.


Kelly Adams

Image by Kelly Adams
Image by Kelly Adams
Image by Kelly Adams

Previous AFPS feature: “Vietnam stole our hearts”

Kelly Adams is a Lifestyle Family & Wedding Photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.   Kelly started her adventures with film photography studying TAFE course in Black & White Darkroom Photography.  She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Photography from the Queensland College of Art.  Kelly moved to digital photography for more convenient & economical practices of being a working photographer.  However a few years ago she returned to using film in her personal work, mostly photographing her family and their adventures together.  Kelly has fallen in love all over again with film…. Kelly is now reintroducing film back into her client work, to share the love of film.




Flavius Aaron Thompson

Image by Flavius Aaron Thompson
I have always had an interest in photography, I have shot film for the past 2 years as I find it more relaxing as a hobby than shooting digital. I am inspired by both photography and cinematography
I like the films photographed by Christopher Doyle
I like most earlier photography including pictorialism and the social documentary type work.

Jack Cannon

CBD - Jack Cannon
Image by Jack Cannon
Otway - Jack Cannon
Image by Jack Cannon
STM - Jack Cannon
Image by Jack Cannon

Jack is currently studying photography at RMIT.   He likes to explore different techniques and mediums in order to try and portray an abstracted land and cityscape