“Pushing Film – Japan Vlog Part One” by John Yau

The film shooting community is pretty strong in Melbourne Australia & often I get to hear about names who are “doing so and so with this…. and creating some great content about that…..”.

Hashem McAdam and Nick Chen (Pushing Film Producers & Directors) are actually scheduled to give us a little bit of the story behind “Pushing Film” in an up and coming feature article so we look forward to this.

I remember my first meet up with Hashem and Nick and a few others over Korean Fried Chicken at Gami Chicken & Beer restaurant (Good Fried chicken = Free Plug) and hearing about their plans for a Youtube channel.  I loved the idea and have been supporting them in any way I could when asked.

The crew at Pushing Film have been creating some great content which started in 2017 and continues to evolve, inspire and educate film photographers new and old.

What i personally love about the boys work is the diverse content they are building and not forgetting that some of the next generation of film shooters are in fact still learning the process, the gear and the know how.

Hashem & I have been discussing making Pushing Film a regular spot on “The Australian Film Photographers Scene” blog spot to bring the film shooting community something visual in the blog lineup.  So……

Today we are happy to announce “Pushing Film” will become a regular feature on afps.blog.

Grab a beer, or some green tea  & some fresh sashimi & join Hashem, Sarah Ruhullah & Matt Lee as they take us on an adventure through Japan in “Japan Vlog Part one”.

You can subscribe to Pushing Film’s Youtube channel and be sure to follow their instagram at instagram.com/pushingfilm/